Buffer Tanks

AIRATHERM supply a range of mild and stainless steel (S/S) buffer tanks both insulated and uninsulated. These tanks are typically rated to 750 kPa (600kPa for S/S) and include a removable inspection covers. The standard range is 200-5000 L (custom sizes up to 40,000 L available on request)

Chilled water buffer tanks increase system capacity and stabilize return water temperature. Benefits include fewer cycles of the compressor and better temperature control. A hot water buffer tank improves system efficiency, adding extra thermal mass to the boiler water loop. It is sized by using the boiler’s performance capabilities with the desired firing time and maximum temperature drop. Buffer tanks are necessary with today’s smaller, high efficiency low mass boilers and also function as an air eliminator.

AIRATHERM also offer open storage and makeup tanks. Contact us for further details

buffer tank colourbond 2 flange



  • Standard Buffer tanks are mild steel, rated to 750 kPa
  • Manufactured to meet AS1210 requirments
  • Tanks also available in Stainless Steel
  • Supplied as bare tank, thermally insulated (with ripstop vinyl wrap) or Colorbond cladding
  • Nominate flange location and size
  • Range of sizes 200-5000 L (custom sizes up to 40,000 L available on request)