Cast Iron Sectional Boilers

AIRA suplies a range of cast iron sectional boilers. These compact units produce  163 – 1030 kW at a working temperature of 90°C maximum. They can be run on a range of fuel types including natural gas, LPG, oil or dual fuel.

AIRA cast iron boilers have a exceptionally high heat transfer surface area due to the specially designed fins in the combustion chamber and flue ways. This allows maximum heat transfer and giving the boiler up to 93% efficiency, reducing ongoing energy costs.

These units are sectional boilers and as such can be supplied as a complete unit or in parts to be assemble on site. The ability to assemble these boilers on site can prove very useful for applications where crane/forklift access is not possible. The sectional design also allows the capacity of these boilers to be increased at a later date should your requirements change.